About Evan

Quick Bio…

Currently a Program & Production Director at DC Broadcasting in Huntingburg, Indiana.  I massively multi-task, doing everything from promotions to some engineering.

I’m able to do all this now because I’ve been in radio almost half my life.  Starting out on the air when I was 15, I quickly fell in love with the behind the scenes ‘radio magic’ that I had been entranced with since 5th grade.

In college I struggled to find something else I was interested enough in to work just as hard at it, as I did when I was at my full time job in radio.  Eventually, I gave up trying to find a ‘safety net’ degree in case this radio thing didn’t work out… I got my Radio/TV degree from Murray State University, and have been involved in all sorts of media ever since.

My voice isn’t big and booming like some voice over artists, but it does have a decent range, lots of emotion, and it isn’t over used across the country…  I can also help you write your copy from a creative stand point, and fully produce your project if need be!

Contact me today to see how my experience can help you!