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Spectrum 2013

Time again for some voting!

Huntingburg Country club

Jasper Vac & Sew

Green Thumb

Meyer’s Sweet Treats

Pro Touch Auto

B&B Extermination

East Town Rec

Hammerhead Bar & Grill – Meeting

Hammerhead Bar & Grill – Kids Menu

Hammerhead Bae & Grill – School Shark

Summers Saloon – New

Summers Saloon -Grand Opening

Circle S Mart

Huntingburg Chamber

Basket Case Brewing Co – Strassenfest

Award Winning? – Update

The ‘Hot-Tub’ ad for Eckerts pool supply has been selected as the best Humorous Commercial in radio market 3 at the Indiana Broadcasters Association spectrum awards!  Here’s a segment of the release:

Elrod and Gutgsell IBA Spectrum Winners WBDC

WBDC Program Director Evan Elrod’s production of a commercial created for Eckert’s Pool Supply in Jasper was named the “Best Humorous Commercial” at the IBA banquest.  The ad, affectionately named ‘Hot Tub’ also won over the crowd in attendance when played during the awards ceremony.  The commercial was created for Eckert’s Pool Supply who wanted a unique and catchy way of promoting their hot tubs. “I think we all had a lot of fun making it, till I had no voice left! We were asked to make one small change and I had to wait a few days for my voice to return to normal!” Elrod went on to thank his backup singers and Eckert’s for being the type of business that sees the value in creative advertising.


Spectrum Awards-2

Another 10 to listen to by Friday!

Spectrum Awards-1

So… I need help deciding the best ads by FRIDAY to submit for the Spectrum Awards.


New York?!

Recently, I joined a couple of websites intended to help me grow my VO business even further…
Never in a million years did I think I’d be cutting a voice over for something in New York!

Just goes to show you that if you work hard enough to shed the accent, it’s possible!  (Meaning you could now hear my Kentucky accent (or lack of) in New York or Hollywood!)

So, with that said… Here is my first gig that was setup by  (which I highly recommend so far if you’re serious about things)

Interesting Promos/Giveaways

Trying to come up with original ideas for every ticket giveaway is a hard task.

Sometimes just adding a little something extra to a traditional ‘call in’ contest… or doing something off the wall that maybe plays off an artist name, or song works really well.

Here’s several promos, a couple are very recent.   Although the most interesting part of those two giveaways is not the promos, but the actual winners audio!

Popcorn, Hot Tubs and Advertising

Some of the coolest ads I do are for clients that aren’t afraid to try something ‘out of the box’ when it comes to their radio advertising.  I do wish they were able to :60’s instead of :30’s… but the freedom to create something fun and memorable is much more important to me for a top of mind advertisement that really ‘sticks’ with the listeners.

This is a few ads for a locally owned business(s) that I’ve really had a lot of fun writing and producing for.